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Message From MD – November 2018

01 November 2018
Message From MD – November 2018

Dear friends,


Shaky businesses, tough competition, rigid and grey laws, confused markets, hard cash flows and what else do you need to make you feel insecure? But CONFIDENCE is the one and only thing that really helps you overcome all these issues. How bad these days can be really depend on how you handle them. Though we all know how difficult powering through a challenging day at work can be, motivating ourselves to stay positive when things aren’t going as planned is a real workplace superpower that can help us rise above the rest of the pack. We can turn lemons into lemonade by building up the morale of everyone around us.


Humans have lots of rituals to choose from when greeting each other — embrace, kiss on cheek, etc. But one ritual that is remarkably consistent across cultures is the handshake. We shake hands when we say hello to someone, and we shake hands after a deal is done. Centuries ago, the handshake may have originated as a way for people to show each other that they were unarmed. Shaking hands is a powerful gesture that creates a cooperative spirit and leads to better outcomes on both sides of the table. Let me wish more handshakes to bring in more deals and business to our home.


‘Stick to your schedules’ is the uncompromising decision these days. Though unexpected events or information can come up anytime, having a rigid schedule in place can keep us focused on our goals and direction. We have to be strategically resilient as, at many times, we might get turned away or turned down, maybe even repeatedly. Refusing to quit isn’t easy, but doing it can make a huge difference in reaching our goals. Bad days have a way of making us feel the world is crashing down — in fact, it has been proven that troubling experiences affect us much more strongly than positive ones do. In moments when everything seems to be going wrong, we should be able to bring things that have gone right to the front of our mind. We all know that positive work cultures are more productive. Figure out what works and nail down the personal go-to strategy for staying motivated during tough times. It might take a little bit of practice, but once we know how to lift the spirits back up and keep the momentum going, we will win the GOLD medal, and, not to mention, become an inspiration to everyone around us in the industry.


Reporting to a new boss or a change in department can happen often in any growing organization. A new boss or transfer to a new department can be exciting or can create frustrating challenges that you’ve never dealt with before. In both cases you have to report to a new boss. Even though highly qualified, no new leader is going to be the perfect manager from day one. So it becomes the duty of the reporting staff to handle the situation without letting that person affect your work or general well-being.


Being a new manager can be a little overwhelming and a little lonely. So take a look at what your new boss is struggling with and try to identify opportunities where you can step in and help. It is always good to take the initiative to extend a helping hand to your new boss rather than waiting for him or her to ask for it.

All new mangers have a tendency to micromanage their team members initially. It is not because of their lesser faith in you to complete a task, but they come with a baggage of their own. So it’s better to play along with this nature in the beginning at least for a few days. You have a great responsibility to respect and not to shoot down every new idea that the new boss tries to bring in. Having a new person in charge of your work or changing your work front doesn’t have to be a drag — it can actually be an important and exciting career opportunity only if you let it!


Wish you all success for good numbers in November!!!


Warm regards,

Sunil Kumar