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Message From MD – January 2019

01 January 2019
Message From MD – January 2019

Dear friends,

Yesterday we celebrated the good times gone by and prayed for the better days to come. Our relationship, team work and camaraderie has made great strides in 2018 and I earnestly look forward to building on it and to explore new opportunities in the new year 2019. I would like to thank all of you for your contributions in making our life wonderful in 2018 and greatly cherish our friendship and appreciate your counsel, it will truly be pleasure to work along with you in the years to come. Happy new year and May God bless all of us in our endeavours.

Let’s talk arithmetic! Learning to add, subtract, multiply and divide is basic arithmetic. Lets add value to the money we receive, let us subtract the deficiencies from our performance, let us multiply the results by team work and let us divide the responsibilities to make it simpler and targets achievable.

Ultimately we should be able to create a wow feel to our customers. Who is your primary customer is a very relevant question even now. For a person working in the drawings department, his primary customer can be the site engineer who reads the working drawings and for a receptionist, it can be who ever enters the guest area. We have to be very relevant in identifying our primary customer and he is the person to experience the wow feel. Coming back to arithmetic, it is very easy to define this wow feel.

Wow feel = Our Performance – Customer Expectation.

This is the simplest definition available to find out the level of satisfaction to a customer. To create highly excited, satisfied customer, we need to deliver a performance par excellence and deliberately keep the expectations low. If the expectation levels are too high and even if we perform to the fullest, we may fail to create the wow feel. If the customer does not expect any thing fruitful and the organisation performs at an average level, there can be a better satisfaction to the customer, which may not sustain. For creating sustainable customer satisfaction we need to continuously excel in performance, by keeping the expectation levels average. To keep expectation levels neutral, we have to be transparent in communications. If we communicate wrongly to create a market hype, it will kick you back at the time of delivery. This makes me remember the old saying, we need to deliver what we committed and we should commit, only what we can deliver.

Year ahead will definitely won’t be a bunch of roses, but passion, care and understanding the reality will definitely make it a comfortable journey. We have to keep telling ourselves,
Nothing going to change my passion for perfection !
Nothing going to change my passion to excel !
Nothing going to change my passion to preserve !
Nothing going to change my passion to delight !
Nothing going to change my passion to be transparent !
Nothing going to change my passion to be responsible !

Passion give us a reason to keep learning and to work toward mastery. It can often give us a reason to move forward and therefore to have the new experiences. It give us something in common with other people, and so fosters social bonds. Let us all be more passionate to what we do and create more happiness to our lives in 2019. Be passionate and stay blessed. Happy new year !

V Sunilkumar