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Message From MD February – 2023

01 February 2023
Message From MD February – 2023

Dear friends,

January was the month of hopes, goals and positivity as the starting month of the year 2023. In January, there was a lot of good news on business growth, future opportunities, new associations, geographical expansions and the induction of quality human resources.

There is a belief the harder you work, the more money you will earn. How accurate is this statement? I think there’s truth to it. If you work hard at a role, you will be more likely to succeed than someone who cruises. This will directly turn into pay raises and promotions.

There is another saying; you should work smarter, not harder. So which one do you think we are going to promote? A hard worker or a smart worker? The one who gives 100% or the one who always has their mind switched on. I guess I’d put it like this: All other things being equal, being a hard worker will always get you more money.

It’s not about the bigger home, luxurious sedan or the better vacation. Financial stability helps people escape the everyday hassles of life. Everyone is suspicious about whether money can buy happiness. We may consider the luxuries it provides, like expensive dinners and lavish vacations. But cash is key in another important way. It helps enterprises to avoid many of the day-to-day hassles that cause stress. Money can provide calm and control, allowing us to buy our way out of unforeseen bumps in the road. If we only focus on the happiness that money can bring, we are missing something. We also need to consider all the worries it can free us from. The idea is that money can reduce stress in everyday life and make people happier, not only the poor but also more affluent millionaires around.

Money can indeed reduce stress on promoters in an organisation, and more money can bring greater control, and surplus money can lead to business expansion and growth. It’s not that cash-rich companies don’t have problems, but having cash allows them to fix the issues and resolve them more quickly. In addition, those with higher incomes will have better control over adverse events, and that control reduces their stress.

Infusion of funds to a business may help gather billions in the future. At the same time, there are also chances of losing control of the company. It may assist in re-evaluating every aspect of the business to optimise its overall value. Experienced professionals, if involved intimately in the industry, can help improve the business. This is indeed a complicated area that we need to learn by doing.

Friends, Sometimes we are so close to the tree that we can’t see the forest. We all get crazy busy and put our hearts and soul into the business, and it gets challenging to zoom out and see the company from a fresh perspective. To succeed in our business, we must constantly move up the hill. The market is so fiercely competitive that our competitors will eat your lunch without a burp if we are not 100% committed to success. Investors always want our business to grow because it’s in their interest.

We will always have expert support at the forefront — thinking, creating strategies, mentoring, coaching and building our leadership skills to grow as a solid business entity and perform at our best. I hope we are moving in the right direction with the right spirits and fresh energy to continue the success faster and safer.

Warm regards
Sunil Kumar V
Founder & Managing Director
Asset Homes