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Message From MD August– 2022

01 August 2022
Message From MD August– 2022

Dear friends,

I am too happy to see the consistent performance of team members across departments, bringing new business concepts, success, and profits. The smile on each customer's face marks the value of our hard work, dedication, and efforts to keep international standards and follow global practices. I am sure our engagement with Bureau Veritas will bring pathbreaking innovations, and our trajectory will switch to the next orbit. Here are my wishes and congratulations to all performers, and I hope we will win laurels continuously.

The nation is celebrating its 75th year of independence. In today's fast-moving world and tough competitive day-to-day life, we hardly find time to remember our rich culture, heritage and past. This becomes most crucial whilst the nation celebrates Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav. The fight against colonial rule in India constitutes a unique narrative that is not marred by violence. Instead, a narrative full of variegated stories of courage, bravery, Satyagraha, dedication, and sacrifice across the length and breadth of the subcontinent under the leadership of a half-naked fakir. I believe the kind of entrepreneurship Mahatma was trying to teach was patriotic. Let’s try to expand this idea of “patriotic entrepreneurship” in this 75 th anniversary month of independence.

Patriotism is the spirit of loyalty supporting one’s country with love, devotion, and a sense of attachment. The major thrust of patriotism in the context of entrepreneurship in an economy is to refrain from corruption and sabotage. Such entrepreneurs are bound to create jobs without oppressing fellow citizen workers, and the organisation should be worker-centred. He should also be committed to charging fair and affordable prices only. Producing quality projects that can be compared with international standards and conservation of natural resources are necessary for such developments. Furthermore, a patriotic entrepreneur must practice good ethics and social responsibility in business and the community.

Attracting Foreign Direct Investments through proper channels adhering to all legal norms is an excellent example. Generating foreign currency without externalising it or taking it to the parallel market for
exchange but to the registered banks for official exchange is the way forward. A patriotic firm must be responsible for generating government revenue by paying all corporate taxes. His aim must be to reduce anti-social activities such as theft, robbery, and murder by creating suitable employment for citizens of his home nation. Reducing rural to urban migration by creating employment opportunities in rural areas can also be considered one of the characteristics of this kind of business.

Patriotic Entrepreneurship can be considered a national asset, and those entrepreneurs are the drivers of that asset for any country. It is a dynamic process that not only increases wealth but can also create value that results in improved well-being. These organisations also play an essential role in changing society, so it makes sense to cultivate, motivate, and remunerate this greatest asset to the greatest extent possible.

If we are patriotic, we will try our best to utilise resources, labour, and capital most efficiently. However, entrepreneurs take on risks in the hope of making a profit, or in the case of social entrepreneurship, of solving a problem facing communities. So the significance of entrepreneurs and the role of entrepreneurship go beyond the business world when they become patriotic. The importance of entrepreneurship will be so broad that it’s pretty tough to explain all the aspects of it in one monthly message. However, I would like to re-emphasise that if entrepreneurship is backed by patriotism, it will create wonders by accelerating economic growth, promoting innovation and social changes, and rejuvenating existing enterprises.

Warm regards
Sunil Kumar V
Founder & Managing Director
Asset Homes.