Make the rooms in your flats or apartments feel spacious

11 February 2014
Make the rooms in your flats or apartments feel spacious

Ever wondered how came your neighbor next door’s room looks bigger than yours when both of the flats are built in the same area and plans? Yes you may be since there are a lot of factors which makes a room looks big and spacious whether it is of an apartment or house. If these factors are not well maintained in the rooms of your flats in will look smaller than it actually is.

 So lets have a look at those techniques which can help you to make your rooms spacious.   

Color scheme plays an important role and usage of light colors will be suitable rather than the dark and bright ones. Delicate shades, whites and neutral light colors are always preferred. Using different textures and designs of the same color on the same surface is always advised. Use monochromatic color scheme for furniture, curtains and carpets to complement the overall color combination of the theme. 

 Recessed spot lighting is perfect for a small space as it is visually appealing. A floor lamp can bounce the light off the ceiling of your apartment and reflect inside the room. Bringing the skylight into the room or usage of solar lights will provide some natural values to your flat living even. Skylight contributes to the aesthetics and make you feel better. 

 Try avoiding unnecessary accessories inside the room and make you feel it more spacious. Limit the number of materials and ensure those ones present are matching. For example use a single large painting instead of half a dozen small ones along the walls. Usually flats and apartments will have big walls and we should be able to make us of it.

 Always select bigger tiles and design patters of the tiles. Because these bigger designs will give the feeling of a larger space than actual. Even small spacious rooms can look better using this technique. 

 Try to showcase more floor space. If more floor is visible in the room it will give an impression of enough space and comfort of walking around. Ensure your apartment floor has enough free space by using less furniture and those with multiple purposes. Using mirrored furniture will reflect some light also.

These tips might be really useful if you are planning to buy a flat or apartment and decides to do the interiors yourself. Do find some time to apply these in your flats or apartments to make sure your living space provides you enough feeling of comfort and freedom.