List of Documents To Check Before Purchasing A Property in Kerala

18 June 2023
List of Documents To Check Before Purchasing A Property in Kerala

Kerala is the most lucrative destination for property investments. It is also one of the fastest-growing property markets in India. The serene beauty of the state, its golden beaches, and its tropical weather make it an ideal location for home buyers. The rapid growth in commercial activity and infrastructure across the important cities in Kerala is drawing many people to the state. Builders in Kerala are milking this opportunity by developing world-class projects with modern amenities. These are ideal conditions for investors to invest in real estate for long-term appreciation of their capital.

It is known that investing in property is a legal process and encompasses important documentation and paperwork. Legal documents establish the legitimacy of the property. They provide proof to the investor that the property does not have any pending complications. Given that investing in property involves large sums of money, it is imperative that all the documentation is clear and legitimate. Most projects in Kerala may have a reputed brand name but it is the responsibility of the investor to check all the documentation before making the decision.

Here is a ready checklist of the important documents before making the decision to invest:

Title Deed

The title deed provides information about the current and past ownership of the property. The property must be in the name of the seller from whom the property will be purchased. It is legal proof of the complete ownership of the property. Once the transaction is complete, the ownership of the property is transferred to the new owner.


Be it a luxury flats in Kochi or a bungalow in Trivandrum, every developer must get the construction plans sanctioned by the authorities. The property is deemed illegal if it is not sanctioned and approved by the authorities.

Property Tax Receipts

The project should not have any property tax dues to the municipality. The municipality office of the location in Kerala can be approached to find out the status of the property tax payments. The investor or buyer is liable to pay the taxes due, if any. It also reflects upon the developer’s reputation which needs to be considered before purchasing the property.

RERA Certificate

Any property that is built on land measuring 500 sq. meters or more, or has eight apartments, must be registered under the Real Estate Regulatory Act or RERA. It ensures the developer’s credibility with respect to past performance and reputation. RERA is one of the important documents to be checked before the purchase.

Occupancy Certificate (OC):

The Occupancy Certificate (OC) is a compliance certificate issued by the regulatory authorities and is a very important document needed before possession. Builders in Kerala must have this document readily available for buyers at any time.

No Objection Certificates (NOC):

The No Objection Certificates are issued by the Fire Department, Pollution Control Board and Highway authorities, and Aviation Clearance for all projects in Kerala. The developer should have the relevant NOCs depending on the location of the property.

Any buyer interested to buy property in Kerala must demand these documents from the developer. These documents must be checked for their authenticity by legal experts and authorities. The buyer should purchase the property only after they are sure that the documents are legitimate.