Kitchen design tips for your flats or apartments

17 February 2014
Kitchen design tips for your flats or apartments

Kitchen is one of the most important space in your home even it is a flat or apartment. Effective kitchen design increase easiness of work and gives a good feeling of comfort. Traditional Indian kitchens are separated from the main building of the house and also worked as a storage space for large kitchen equipment. But time changed and kitchen was bought inside the home design and it even started functioning as a dining room for small apartments.

Kerala’s cooking style has a lot of  specialties and this should be kept in mind while designing kitchen for flats or apartments in Kerala. They need a lot of storage space for dried grains and edibles. Cooking includes lot of frying and so equipment used should be grease resistant. Dishwashers are not common and washing is done inside the kitchen itself and so water seepage should be done carefully.

Modular kitchens were introduced to meet these demands and to ensure comfort for a large number of working women. They are designed for easy access, built in equipment’s which saves time and also gives a clean and modern cooking experience. Electric kitchen chimneys have also became a common option in most of the homes these days.

Most of the flats or apartments will be having marble like materials for flooring but it is usually avoided in kitchens. Granite will be a better option do use in the kitchen of your apartment since it is functional and provide elegant look also. Ceramic tiles will be advisable because they are easy to maintain. Wooden frames or easy to clean paints also can be alternatives.

Lighting also have changed a lot from conventional tube lights to spot lighting in modern flats and apartments. Enough lights should be provided and they should give a feeling of freshness. Try to add some artful designs for furniture details or other equipment’s to give a different look. Usage of smart lighting also contributes to project the color combination of these art works.

In total kitchen design for your flats or apartments should be done very carefully in order to ensure better usability, comfort and feeling of elegance. A place for everything in its place should be working as the mantra of kitchen design if you are planning to design one for your flat or apartment.