Few tips to redesign your rented flats in cochin

24 February 2014
Few tips to redesign your rented flats in cochin
Many people are finding flats in Cochin as a good investment with assured monthly return through rentals.  We have discussed in the earlier posts of this blog about various aspects of using flats and apartments as part of real estate investment.  As we have seen rentals has major role in making profit from flats or apartments.
There are many people who live in a rented home for years. The major dilemma they face using the rented home is how to make their flats or apartments feel like their own keeping in mind about the limitations of making permanent changes to the space.  The idea of Reversible Decorating your flats or apartments comes into act here.  This allows you to make certain changes that you always wanted to do and you can do it temporarily.
Reversible decoration always needs to pay attention to your walls of your apartment. Using vinyl wall stickers will be an advisable idea. The adhesives used on most vinyl stickers helps to move and reposition them without causing damages to the walls. Renters can choose their favorite color for their apartment interiors using this method.  Those who want to add their own artful design can also do that if they wish to.
Effective and creative positioning of furniture’s is a smart idea to multiply the usability of the available free space in your apartment. Flat owners may  have some idea for positioning certain furniture at certain locations. The renters may have another requirement according to the family demands. So re position your furniture’s in such a way that you can have more than one functional area inside the same free space available.  For example place a long sofa or a bookshelf in the middle of the space and it works as a wall which separates the space in to two areas for different usage.
If your rented flat don’t have anything on windows or those window curtains you have are not at all matching your color concepts, change it. It’s a simple change that you can make to effect the overall appearance of your apartment interior by matching the window covers with the paint colors.  Try to add natural elements like small plants or flowers to add more values and feeling of comfort to your interior.
Floors are another major factor an apartment renter would like to redesign to their wishes. There are two factors for working with floors, one is that you might want to save the floor from getting damaged and second you may have some excellent concepts of design patters of floors you live on. Which ever it may be area rugs can be a good choice for you. They are good enough to cover your floors and at the same time brings in some textures and patters as per your wishes. Rugs can be used along the carpets or can be used alone.
Don’t hesitate to make some changes as per your wish to your rented flats or apartments. We have noted that many people who have rented flats in cochin are not even ready to think about making even smaller changes to the interiors. We hope these tips will help them think about certain means which may make their living in a rented flat or apartment feel even better.