Designing and decorating small apartments

21 April 2014
Designing and decorating small apartments

Even small changes can bring big difference in decoration of your apartments. Even a studio apartment can be decorated and interiorly redesigned to make it a worthy space to have fun with friends and family.  Effective and space saving storage facility and multi purpose furniture are best methods to live spacious even in small apartments.

Combining functionalities of living, dining and kitchen and work space in same space can be effective to save a lot of space. Try to make the furniture and equipments multi functional and still attractive and well positioned.

Have your TV hanging on the wall, and so you can save some space which then can be used to store other equipments.

Never spare a wall space even it is small. Try having a small work table along with a mirror hanging on top. The mirror reflection can magnify the space in your apartment.

Having see through mirrors in the furniture can bring the feeling of more space

Hall ways can be provided built in storage to save a lot of space and making use of the space that could have been wasted. Hide your storage and make the space look better having shelves with covering in the hall ways.

Be creative while choosing your furniture. Try to have them that matches your interior, for example one that fits to a corner and saving a lot of space.

Having drawers under the bed or day bench will be useful to store things and easy access.

Open kitchen saves a lot of space and designing it effectively will change the entire concept of your apartments.

Double your furniture, not in space but in number.  Try having two small coffee tables which can be adjusted and not a long one consuming lot of space.

It’s all about creativity and multi functionality while designing a small apartment interior. Make small but effective changes that brings big difference to your apartment interiors and have fun