Choose the right lighting arrangements for your apartment interior

13 March 2014
Choose the right lighting arrangements for your apartment interior
Choosing the right lighting for the rooms of your new flats and apartments are always important. A right lighting can make your apartments attractive make you feel safe and secure. Where as a wrong lighting will act opposite and even worse. When it goes really bad it can even cause health problems by creating a tense and uncomfortable environment all around. So be serious about choosing the right lighting pattern for your flats,apartments or villas.
There can be three types of lighting.
Ambient lighting to provide overall illumination in the room.  It usually consist of wall, ceiling or  recessed lights. Lighting for particular purposes like cooking, reading, doing home work etc can be considered as task lighting. And we can even have accent lighting to bring up some drama through illumination of key features like art works on wall, paintings like that.
The lighting scheme may vary for various rooms of your apartments based on their characteristics.
Lounge of your apartments
   The place where you are expected to spend some time and invite your guests must be artfully designed using featured lights. Accent lighting can work better and choose up lighting with floor lamp can do wonders by bringing softness and freshness.
Dining room lighting 
Candlelight can be an additional lighting option providing a romantic look for the dining room of your apartments. Pendants and chandeliers also works well but make sure light is narrower than the table.
Bedroom lighting 
Bed room of your apartments is expected to have smart lighting options. Bed room lighting should be mood lighting and dimmer switches, remote control switches operable from bed can be an addition. Dressing room and tables can have separate lighting and having a nightlight option may favor kids.
Bathroom lighting
Combine the ambient lighting with strong task lighting. Light mirrors can be used from all sides and or above. Try to avoid the shadowy corners also.
Using featured lighting helps to showcase your treasures or collectibles in the kitchen cabinets. Usage of sensor like application which turns the lights on when the pantry door opens can help to save some energy also.
Along with all these considerations ensure maximum usage of natural light. It makes the best and cheapest option also. Apartments in cochin usually gets lot of sun light and effective usage of that will help you being natural and being economical.