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    Top Builders in Kannur

    Nestled on the Malabar coast of Kerala, Kannur is a historically rich and scenic city often referred to as the Land of Looms and Folklores. With its lush green countryside, coconut palm-lined beaches along the Arabian Sea, and the natural harbour of Mappila Bay, living in Kannur offers a healthy and nature-centric lifestyle. Kannur boasts historic sites, magnificent forts, and stunning beaches as its main attractions. Temple festivals and cultural art forms like Theyyam are integral to Kannur's rich heritage.

    In recent times, Kannur has transformed into one of Kerala's peaceful cities, thanks to substantial infrastructure development. The city has become an ideal place for residence or investment, with the presence of prestigious educational institutions, including engineering and medical colleges.

    The Kannur Airport, along with the railway station and bus terminal, has enhanced accessibility, attracting increased air traffic for both domestic and international flights. The real estate boom in Kannur has given rise to modern flats equipped with all amenities, offering a comfortable lifestyle. These flats can also serve as holiday homes for tourists, given the numerous attractions in this beautiful part of the state.

    Asset Homes, Best Builders in Kannur

    A forte builder oversees coordinating the numerous players and items required to turn a set of two-dimensional designs into a completed residence. The builder in Kannur must ensure that everything is planned and that the eventual outcome is precisely what the customers anticipated. Thus, finding the best builder in Kannur is no more a Himalayan task; Asset Homes is the best home builder in Kannur one can reach. Our services and features make us the top builder in Kannur with a vast number of customers. So, now there's no second thought to selecting between the best builders in Kannur; go for Asset Homes.

    Why choose Asset Homes?

    Asset Homes prioritizes "responsibility," aiming to be the most responsible builder for customers, society, and the country. Dedicated to enhancing your quality of life, Asset Homes' premium residences in Kannur provide support from the start of your home-buying process, showcasing our commitment as the most responsible builders in Kerala. We also offer a 10 years of free insurance for flats, and our recertification with the ISO 9001:2015 hallmark, DA2+ organizational rating from CRISIL, reflects our unwavering passion for building homes.

    Carefully chosen locations near Kannur International Airport and other key institutions, religious centres, retail malls, Schools and hospitals make daily activities more convenient for residents of Asset Homes apartments. Strategically situated in Kannur's prime areas, all Asset Homes houses are constructed with the utmost care by competent personnel, with quality as the top priority.

    Whether offering economical or luxury apartments in Kannur, all our projects are meticulously crafted to align with your vision of an ideal home. Our 2 BHK, 3 BHK, and 4 BHK flats in Kannur are guaranteed to offer value for your money.

    Our commitment is to provide excellent service and customer satisfaction to all our Kannur clients, aiming to build long-term relationships and treat them like extended family members. We are grateful for the opportunity to assist countless families in achieving their dreams and goals.


    At Asset Homes we focus not only on providing a home but also a complete lifestyle. All our properties are loaded with a plethora of amenities for all age groups. Our properties have recreation halls with indoor games, a Mini Theatre, a Children’s play area, Green rated swimming pool, and an AC fitness centre.

    Asset Magnum,Thottada and Asset Chamber Melechovva are our ongoing projects in Kannur now. Both the properties have 2BHK, 3BHK and 4 Bhk apartment units.

    We have our properties in some of the finest & prime locations of Calicut to offer our customers the best lifestyle at the best price. We have plenty of ongoing & completed projects in Trivandrum, Pathanamthitta, Kochi, Thrissur, Kottayam, and Alapuzha to name a few.

    The lush green countryside, coconut palm-lined beaches, historic sites, magnificent forts, stunning beaches, and a rich cultural heritage of Kannur make it an ideal destination to live. The substantial infrastructure developments like the Kannur airport, railway, and bus networks have made Kannur easily accessible to tourists and propelled real estate development that offer modern homes with world-class amenities and lifestyle.