Asset Homes Anniversary Jackpot – Win a free home!

30 December 2015
Asset Homes Anniversary Jackpot – Win a free home!

You could be a WINNER of our Anniversary Jackpot!

Asset Homes announces jackpot offer on its 9th Anniversary!Just hold our breath for the super jackpot prize! A house worth upto 50 lakh…

Hurry up and grab this offer today!

Asset Homes is proud and thankful to announce our 9thyear in building homes to cherish! 9 years of building happy homes that are synonymous with a quality of life! Being the youngest DA2 rated builder in Kerala, it has always been about giving you a new world of happiness, security and prosperity at Asset Homes. Right from inception we have been delivering the finest apartments, flats, townhouses and luxury villas that match the requirements of our customers with the unique signature of a futuristic brand!

Over these years, we have seen our share of market cycles and have grown only stronger! We have achieved successes and growth that wellexceeds our initial dreams! Certainly an event to celebrate, the 9th anniversary is special because we have a ‘great deal’ to celebrate. 39 completed, 20 ongoing and 7 upcoming – a total of 66 projects mark our journey so far!

We cherish this special moment which would not be possible without your appreciation and support. We really appreciate our supportive customers who have partnered with us in this exciting journey and if it weren’t for your faith and inspiration, the journey wouldn’t have been this successful. Your stamp of approval has made Asset Homes the preferred choice for home buyers across Kerala.

To sheer joy of completing nine years of building people’s dreams has led us to launch this jackpot offer! We are gifting a dream home free to one of our customers who would book with us an apartment or villa before April 30, 2016. This special event not only marks our achievement in this competitive industry, but also is a great way to give back to our customers!

It the first time in the history of the Indian real estate sector a builder has come out with a fabulous offer like this to celebrate its anniversary…

The winner will be selected from customers who book a flat or villa and will be decided through a lucky draw on World Environment Day that falls on June 5. If the winner has booked a villa or flat subject to a maximum ceiling of ₹50 lakh or less than that, he will get the house free of cost. If it is above 50 lakh, the winner will have to pay the difference.In other words, the gift is ours, but the choice of home is yours!

The anniversary jackpot will include bookings of flat and villa projects of various types under construction in various parts of the state.With a range of apartments and villas in 12 cities across Kerala, we have a home to suit every taste and budget.

While we step into our 10th year we will be proud to have you on our side in every step we take!

Hurry up and book today before the opportunity slips by! For more details contact us today!