4 Effective Tips to Save Energy In your Flats/Apartments

03 March 2014
4 Effective Tips to Save Energy In your Flats/Apartments

We know the availability of energy sources is running short and are getting more and more expensive mainly due to the production not meeting up with demand. Every one of us is responsible for reducing the amount of energy we use and conserve it for the future. So let’s have a quick look at some easy measures which help the residents of flats and apartments to save some electricity.

There are many types of energy conception in our flats and apartments including Lighting, Heating and cooling, Furniture and Electronics and Cooking and Storing Your Food. Let’s check how to save energy in each of these equipment one by one.

Lighting of your flats or apartments

Always turn the lights of when they are not in use. Try using compact fluorescent lights instead of regular incandescent light bulbs. Even though these are more expensive initially, fluorescent bulbs consume about a quarter of the power and can last up to almost 10 times longer than regular bulbs. This assure returns of the initial payment over in the long run.

 Heating and cooling systems of luxury apartments

If your apartment has windows that receive direct sunlight always close the window shades during the day.

Usage of a fan may be enough during the summer months instead of an air conditioner. And if  you want using an air conditioner, keep the lower settings and at a slightly higher temperature. Always turn off your A/C while leaving the apartment – there’s no need to keep them running while you’re away since most window units can cool the apartment very quickly. At night when there is a breeze open windows and Seal them with plastic during the winter

Furniture and Electronics in flats or apartments

It may look fascinating if someone say that even the effective design of the interiors of your apartment can save a lot of energy. Make sure your furniture arrangements is not blocking or obstructing any heat vents or radiators. Even a wrongly placed curtain may be effecting the air flow inside your apartments.

Turn off and unplug electronic appliances when they are not in use. These are highly electricity consuming and effective and organized use of them can save a lot of energy.

Cooking and Storing Your Food.

Thawing frozen foods in the refrigerator beforehand will reduce cooking times. Use matching size pots or skillets to use on the stove top elements. Use of the energy that is required to heat up the largest element to heat up the smallest pot in the kitchen is a big waste of energy.  Try minimizing the number of times you opening the oven and refrigerator doors.

Reducing the apartment hydro bills will not only save some money but also make you part of mission to save our environment. Hope these energy saving tips help you to cut back the energy consumption in your flats or apartments.