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V. Sunil Kumar, Founder and Managing Director

Dear friend,

A home is a long-standing asset. The higher the quality of construction and design, the more valuable an asset it becomes - not only in terms of investment, but also in terms of esteem, peace of mind, etc. Asset Homes, ever earnest to keep our customers happy, gives 'total quality' the highest priority in everything that we do.

From choosing the location of the project to scrutinizing the documents, from conceiving the design to ensuring utility of space, from checking building material to selecting fixtures and fittings, from following timelines to delivering on time, and from replying to pre-booking queries to extending post-sale services, Asset Homes has always ensured total quality through every phase of completing and delivering a project. Our one-of-a-kind Q Lab, a mobile laboratory, checks and ensures quality at the various work sites. We update customers on the work status of construction through videos every month and photographs periodically. Quality reports are shared with the customers every 15 days.

A layman or a common home buyer may not be totally in the know of the standards of construction. He or she is generally unaware of the mandatory norms and hence of their deviations. Such an individual is at a loss to gauge the soundness and quality of a building's structural design and construction, as there is more to it than meets the eye. Hence we are insistent that our valued customer not only receives the best in product, but also the best in reassurance so they may enjoy this exciting phase of their life, of acquiring a home, in total peace of mind. Towards this end, we lay before you the precise standards we keep to maintain maximum quality to present you with a perfect home. We would be happy to have you follow up with us periodically to confirm that your new home is progressing in line with your expectations.


Mahesh L, Chief Technical Officer

Dear friend,

Quality is not accidental, it is intentional. There are a lot of visible aspects of a building that may give an idea about its quality - for example, the exterior of the building, walls, painting and finish, fixtures and fittings, etc. However, real quality lies much deeper as we all know. It has to be ensured right from the foundation to the materials and the processes used.

Quality determines the longevity of the building which in turn ensures the peace of mind of the buyer as well as good resale value. Therefore, with rising costs, it is only fair that a home buyer knows that his or her hard-earned money is invested in a sound, secure and superior product. Real estate developers, while promising 'quality construction,' generally provide certain specifications as regards flooring, doors, windows, sanitary ware, electrical fixtures, etc. as well as the amenities offered. But an investor is usually worried about the 'invisible defects' that, as a layman, he or she cannot put their fingers on.

Asset Homes, being a customer-centric organization, hence extends all relevant details of quality - the Asset Quality - of the products, processes and workmanship that go into making an Asset. Hope this book has given you an insight into the lengths to which our team goes to meet and exceed our customers' expectations, to ensure they receive a lifelong asset where they can reside forever in comfort and peace.

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At Asset Homes, we continuously strive to better ourselves to attain higher levels of perfection in every aspect of construction - civil, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, finishes and every other speciality area. We make sure that our customers not only see but also feel quality in every aspect - visible and invisible, tangible and intangible - of their dream home. This consistent effort to outdo ourselves has earned us the edge we enjoy today in the market.


Amongst the core values of Asset Homes are 'total quality' and 'customer centricity'. Indeed, the former ensures the latter. This booklet allows you a peek into the measures taken by the company to ensure quality beyond what meets the eye.

Quality in construction covers a lot of aspects including safety, durability, workmanship, time, process and so on and so forth. When time is crucial, both for the developer and the customers, the only way to ensure quality is to have a flawless system in place. By conforming to the system, we make sure we get the job done right the first time. Then through periodic and close reviews, we make sure it is perfect.


  • Concrete mix design, based on the construction requirement, uses ideal proportions of concrete ingredients to ensure maximum strength and durability. Good quality concrete thus produced as per requirements will have the required strength, workability, impermeability, durability, density and homogeneity. We use Design Mix for all RCC works to ensure strength of the structural design.
  • Pile socketing is done to improve capacities of piles to lateral loads in case the surrounding soil above the rock is weak. We provide pile socketing as per structural design.

  • Pile load tests are performed to ensure piles are capable of sustaining the ultimate design load and to determine if a more efficient design is required. Load tests are carried out on piles in the ratio of 1 for every 100 piles at the site.
  • A Q-lab (mobile lab) with required facilities makes routine visits at the sites to allow quality checks to ensure quality of product.
  • Waterproofing is done on terrace with FRP lining, which is high-quality, long-lasting, reliable and with fine finish.
  • Incorporation of horizontal bands increases the seismic resistance of masonry structure. This will help all the elements to be confined together as a single unit. We provide concrete band of 1:2:4 mix with 8-mm reinforcement steel midway for 10-cm masonry walls for extra strength, in addition to lintel bands.


  • Concrete kerb is provided in sunken areas in toilets, balconies, work area and terrace to avoid dampness in walls.

  • External grade tile adhesive is used for fixing tiles in terrace areas. Tile adhesives are easy to use, provide better bonding strength, spread in thinner layer and avoid moisture accumulation beneath tiles.
  • Waterproofing is done inside water tank, sump tank, swimming pool, STP, toilets, open terrace, basement area and retaining walls to avoid dampness and water leakage. Protection plastering is done over waterproofing work to ensure durability and long-lasting protection to the layer.
  • Floor and wall tiling is done with spacer and epoxy pointing in bathrooms to avoid dampness. The epoxy joint filler used is waterproof, non-cracking, durable, stain-free and high-strength. Protection is provided for flooring with floor protector system during construction to prevent scratches and other damages to tiles.
  • Anti-termite treatment is executed throughout the sites as per standard specifications and warranted for 10 years. Anti-termite treatment is a process in which chemical treatment is applied to soil and building in early stages of construction. The purpose of treatment is to provide the building with a chemical barrier against the sub-terrain termites.
  • Imported high-quality patch fittings are used in toughened glass erection jobs. This type of fittings is sophisticated in design, and slim and elegant in shape and action.
  • Exterior grade putty is used for internal putty works. This acts as a perfect base for top coats and increases the durability of top-coat paints.
  • Heavy duty paver tiles are laid on driveways. These tiles are durable and anti-skid, resist heavy loads, withstands wheel-turning movements without surface degradation.
  • MUPRO channels are provided at ring main.
    Hot dipped slotted rails are used for bracing ring main lines wherever it is open to atmosphere, which increases the durability and strength of the system.
    Vertical plumbing lines inside the ducts are supported at one-quarter points of floor-to-floor height.
    Horizontal plumbing lines (110 mm to 160 mm) are supported at 1-m spacing using 10-mm thread rods with anchor bolts.


Lightning protection system (LPS)

  • There are no devices or methods for protection against natural weather phenomena to the extent that they can prevent lightning discharges. Lightning flashes to, or nearby, structures (or lines connected to the structures) are hazardous to the people, to the structures themselves, their contents and installations as well as to the lines. This is why the application of lightning protection measures is essential.

External LPS (for protection of structure).

  • Intercepts lightning flash to the structure
  • Conducts lightning current safely toward the earth.
  • Disperses lightning current into the earth.

Internal LPS (for protection of electrical and electronic equipment from surges)

  • Avoids the occurrence of dangerous sparking within the structures due to lightning current flowing in the external LPS or in other conductive parts of the structure.
  • Avoids dangerous sparking between different parts by means of equipotential bonding or electrical insulation between the parts.
  • Avoids permanent failure of electrical and electronic systems due to lightning electromagnetic impulse (LEMP) through conducted and induced surges transmitted to equipment via connected wiring.
  • Protects against the effects of conducted and induced surges in the line by using coordinated SPD systems(CAPE).


  • Separate earthing system is used for elevators which keeps the elevators in sound condition.
  • Conventional down conductor earthing system for structural safety protects the structure from lightning impact by reducing the probability of damage due to lightning current flowing in the LPS. The down conductors are arranged in such a way that several parallel current paths exist around the perimeter of the building at equal distance, and the length of the down conductor is kept to a minimum. Well-defined earthing system as per IS is used for DG, transformer, HT and LT panels, which ensures protection of man and machine.
  • Elevator control panels are synchronized to reduce power consumption. Elevators are incorporated with Automatic Rescue Device for the security of passengers in case of power failure.


  • Projects ensure three-tier security systems through multi-station video door phone. Initial screening will be enabled in front of the security cabin though voice call, secondary and tertiary screening through audio and video will be enabled in ground floor lobby (in caretaker's room)and in front of the apartment respectively.
  • FRP manhole covers are provided in common areas and driveways. They have longer life span and the capability to withstand heavy loads. The purpose is to provide safety and finish.


  • On-Grid solar system for common loads causes a considerable reduction in common electricity charge. On-Grid solar power system generates power when utility electricity grid is available. The system can send excess power generated back to the grid when overproduction occurs and would be credited on electricity bill.

  • Reticulated gas system is provided based on tertiary pressure regulation with protective measures. Leak-proof, non-corrosive, seamless carbon steel pipes are used to extend the quality and life of the installation.
  • Gas banks are provided with gas leakage sensing shut-down system.
  • Over-pressure shut-off valve (OPSO) is provided before second stage regulation in reticulated gas system, which ensures safe distribution of LPG through ring main.
  • Under-pressure shut-off valve is provided before third stage regulation in reticulated gas system, which ensures pressure regulation from .3 to .03 mbar as constant. Due to this, the system is always in sound condition.


  • A well-defined water supply and management system consists of water source, underground sump, overhead distribution tank and adequate filtering system. There will be a water supply source, either bore well or open well, having sufficient water yield as per design requirement. Underground sump performs the raw water collection from bore well/open well. UG sump has the provisions to store fire water, raw water, domestic water and municipal water separately. Source water is fed to fire tank through pumping. From this, water flows to the raw water chamber through overflow. Raw water is treated via suitable water treatment system. Treatment system is based on test report of the source water. This treated water is meant for domestic purpose. KWA water is directly stored in the municipal water chamber at UG sump. Domestic and municipal water is fed to OHT through pumping. Water distribution to the end user is from here. Both domestic and drinking water is tested every 3 months for upgrading the filter system if any quality change occurs in water.


  • Sewage treatment plant (STP) is used to treat the sewage, sullage and grey water. The method of treatment is MBBR (Moving Bed Bio Reactor). Treated water from the STP is again treated by ultra filtration system for reuse. The BOD (Bio Oxygen Demand) of treated water is tested every six months to evaluate the functioning of STP. Fire water » raw water » water filter » domestic water » end user (domestic application) STP » activated carbon sand filter » ultra filter » gardening and car washing

  • PLC (programmable logic circuit) controlled water level indicators are provided for both sump and OHT which enable automatic functioning of water pumps. It helps to reduce power consumption and running cost.
  • Digital water metering system is provided for domestic water supply which ensures the quantity measurement of domestic water usage. All the meter readings can be monitored at a common location without having to enter the individual apartments.
  • Auto drip irrigation system with rain sensors are provided for landscaping, especially in the inaccessible areas.


  • Standard door height is 2.20 m. Doors will be up to the bottom of the beam which avoids need for lintels and masonry above the doors. This also resolves height issues while transporting furniture and other household items.
  • Architraves are provided on the window sills to restrict storm water entry.
  • Minimum height of basement floor is maintained at 3 m to ensure enough height clearance to allow convenient and easy parking facility. Basement ceiling is given texture finish for aesthetic appearance.
  • Walls are constructed in brick masonry to reduce heat on the top floors. Bricks have high thermal mass which makes them absorb more heat compared to solid blocks.
  • Grid type false ceiling is provided in toilets for ease of maintenance in future.



  • Junction boxes with inbuilt fan hooks are provided at all locations to maintain aesthetic appearance.

  • After completing all concealed works, wall surface is reinstated using fibre mesh to avoid cracks in future due to expansion and contraction.


  • All common area lights including entrance and balcony lights are provided by the builder from same family of designs.
  • Inline P traps are provided in sullage risers on the ground floor at high level to avoid foul smell due to missing water seal in floor traps which happens due to evaporation of water in the floor traps at door locked condition.

  • Concealed ring main system enables the maximum usage of open terrace at terrace level.
  • Anti-cockroach traps are provided in all toilets and kitchen.


A five-point waste management system is established.

  • Bio-degradable waste is converted to manure through machineries like OWC, TRASH GUARD and SOLWEARTH.
  • Non-degradable waste paper is burnt using incinerator.
  • Non-degradable waste, such as plastic, is stored in a collection area.
  • E-waste is stored in a collection area.
  • Medical waste, such as syringes, is stored in a collection area.

Separate drainage systems are provided for A/C outlets.



  • Inspection of work is done by both internal and external agencies at every stage of work to ensure quality of product, and the report of the same is forwarded to customers.
  • Asset Homes guarantees structural stability of building and offers an assurance that in case of any issue arising out of not meeting a specified quality, the defective part will be repaired or replaced.


  • Twenty-five years free insurance coverage is provided for every apartment or villa bought from Asset Homes.