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Mission Qest

As part of our comprehensive plan to emerge as the most reliable builder in India, we have taken up numerous in-house initiatives and corrective mechanisms to enhance the quality and productivity of what we do. Following the huge success of Mission 100 Days programme, we are launching our new initiative called 'QEST' which is primarily designed to improve Quality, Economy, Safety and Time (QEST) of our projects. This internal drive for achieving the noble mission will be realised through the concerted effort spearheaded by the Project Department starting from 1 July, 2015 till 31 March, 2016. On a weekly basis the assigned projects will be assessed on one of the four parameters to ensure that the Quality standards of each project is heightened, the Cost efficiency of each project is maximised, the Safety standards of each work site is optimised and the Temporal efficiency of each project is intensified. Come, let's huddle together to make this MISSION QEST a grand success.

Message from Mr. V Sunil Kumar, Managing Director

Let's grow the QEST way.

Behind all great things achieved by people, there is Quest. It is this insatiable desire for quality, economy, efficiency and standards that we intent to ignite through Mission Quest. I appeal to all of you to lend your unstinting support in making this a great success. Come, let us stay ahead in quality and also stay in the hearts of our customers through our responsible endeavours. Let the unquenchable quest begin!

Message from Mr. Mahesh L, Chief Technical Officer

A QUEST for uncompromising performance.

As a stepping stone to the Vision 2020, the management has decided to implement a stringent programme to facilitate the creation of superior quality in construction by economizing cost, enhancing safety standards in our sites and also ensuring timely delivery of our projects. I earnestly request the project team to go any length in making this four dimensional endeavour a huge success. Let the QEST for supreme quality begin!

  • Quest for Quality
    Quality is at the core of competency. Driving quality in every aspect of construction is the sole tactic for successful survival and let's maximise it.
  • Quest for Economy
    Economise resources to deliver better returns on investments for the customer. Minimise cost and maximise the satisfaction of the customer.
  • Quest for Safety
    Safe sites are conducive to enhanced quality of work. Let's transform our sites into perfectly hassle free zones where we can maximise the output.
  • Quest for Time
    Time is cost. Reduction of time requires most meticulous planning and management. Let's optimise time and deliver on time.

Training: Inventory management and waste control by Mr.Roby Antony