Mission 100 Days

Asset Homes, The Responsible Builder is on a mission to maximize the delivery of the Asset Value, through providing flawless and qualitative projects. In order to translate this vision of Shri. V Sunil Kumar, Managing Director, into a concrete reality, we have decided to focus on a Ten Point Quality Enhancement Drive internally. This rigorous internal mission titled 'Mission 100 Days' - from 4th March to 2nd July 2015 - to take the company to higher levels of qualitative improvements, in both internal and external dimensions, will be spearheaded by Shri. Mahesh L, Chief Technical Officer. The programme is a pioneering initiative undertaken to infuse a quality-centric culture.

Message from Mr. V Sunil Kumar, Managing Director

The launch of Mission 100 Days turns a new leaf in the history of Asset Homes. The mission is focused on making the Project Department of Asset Homes the best one in Kerala. For achieving this mission, the critical resources that need special mention and attention are Quality, Time and Cost. Every activity that forms a part of the Mission 100 Days has to factor in these three indispensable variables. Let me extend my whole-hearted support to Mr. Mahesh and the Project Team and also wish you all the very best to come out in flying colours.

Message from Mr. Mahesh L, Chief Technical Officer

We are delighted to take up the holistic 10 point challenge to transform our Project Department into one of the best in the industry. The Mission touches on 10 aspects of improvement such as Quadra ERP implementation, ISO 9001 Certification, CRISIL DA1 Rating, Q lab functionality, External Audit, Intersite Review & Rewards, Providing training & development, Enhanced staff welfare, RM's Club and efficient time & materials management. I humbly request the team's support in moving ahead passionately to achieve the task in the set timeframe. Come, let's build history in 100 days!

10 Point Quality Enhancement Drive

  • Quadra ERP Implementation
    Go for the Quadra leap, the Quantum Leap to Quality!
  • ISO 9001 Certification
    Let's move in full steam, to fulfill the ISO dream!
  • CRISIL DA 1 Rating
    Brick by brick make CRISIL tick!
  • Q lab - Moving Civil Engineering Laboratory
    Let's together drive Quality!
  • External Quality Audit
    Let's open the 3rd eye of Quality!
  • Intersite Review & Rewards
    Walk towards Quality. Run towards Rewards!
  • Training and Development
    Let's become skilled Assets!
  • Staff Welfare Enhancement
    Let's build our home with passion
  • RM's Club
    Let's co-create success mantras
  • Time & Materials Management
    Let's leverage resources of success

Inauguration - 100 Days

Training and Development

Safety Training

Training on Plumbing

Training on Time Management

Training on Reporting System

Technical Session by Jotun Paints

Training on Lean Construction

Lunch @ site - Staff Welfare Enhancement

Award Function