First Ever Exchange Offer Scheme by Asset Homes Opens up Market for Used Flats

Exchange a used apartment, house or land for a brand new Asset Homes apartment or villa.

Demolish and rebuild old apartment complexes, modelling on big metros like Mumbai.

Koodumattom Expo in Kochi on November 25th & December 2nd, 2018, for those who would like to sell their flat or house as per the Scheme.

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Market is opening up in Kerala for selling used flats and demolishing and rebuilding old apartment buildings, resulting in a boost for the realty sector. Now old flats can be sold at second-hand prices, broken down and rebuilt. Like old vehicles, jewellery, television sets and mobile phones, used apartments can also be exchanged for new ones. Asset Homes, known for their innovative concepts in the building sector, is introducing Koodumattom, the first ever exchange offer of its kind in the realty sector.

Koodumattom offers customers an opportunity to exchange their current apartment, house or land in exchange for a new premium quality Asset Homes flat or villa, explained V. Sunil Kumar, Managing Director, Asset Homes. This is a practice very much in common in the larger metros like Mumbai, he pointed out. This opens up an opportunity for customers to relocate by selling their current apartments, and for demolishing old apartments and building new residential projects, he added.

Koodumattom Scheme of Asset Homes increases the possibility for selling used flats, and demolishing and rebuilding old residential complexes. Apartment-living has been popular in Kerala for the last 30 years and most of the apartments built earlier are facing serious wear and tear. Koodumattom offers the apartment associations and societies an opportunity to buy apartments in the contemporary style with modern amenities.

Aspiring home buyers who are interested in selling their properties through Koodumattom may register at the Koodumattom Expo to be held at Hotel Radisson Blu, Elamkulam, Kochi,

on November 25th & December 2nd, 2018, informed Sunil Kumar. The expo will also present the latest residential projects of Asset Homes.

Prop Solutions, which partners with Asset Homes in the Scheme, will extend support for selling property, informed James Thomas, Managing Director, Prop Solutions. Loans will be available from institutions like SBI, HDFC and Federal Bank, he said. Prop Solutions has a team of more than hundred experts who are experienced in selling used flats. The company has been associating with Asset Homes for more than two years. Prop Solutions will extend support for quality checking and valuation of old and new properties, and for scrutiny of legal matters, as part of Koodumattom Scheme, assured James Thomas.

Asset Homes has handed over 56 projects to date and has 24 ongoing projects in various stages of progress across 15 cities in Kerala. The first phase of Koodumattom will be rolled out in Kochi followed by Thiruvananthapuram, Thrissur, Kozhikode, Kannur and Kottayam. The scheme aims to give a boost to the realty sector in Kerala which is being seriously challenged by the effects of the floods.

With 3 CRISIL 7-star rated projects to its credit, Asset Homes is the youngest builder in India to receive CRISIL DA2 rating. Known for their innovative concepts in the building sector, Asset Homes is noted for their prompt delivery and total quality of projects, customer-centric and social responsibility initiatives.

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