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Jun 1

June 1, 2019

Sunil Kumar , MD, Asset Homes

Message From MD – June 2019

Dear friends, The great festival of democracy – as elections are often called – is seen as the most challenging exercise in making all Indians feel that they have a say in the running of the government. And the return of Narendra Modi as Prime Minister is both an opportunity and challenge for the country. The management of the election campaign by the victorious team need to be analyzed and understood from a different angle other than the evening political…

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May 2

May 2, 2019


Message from MD – May 2019

Dear friends, The first month of the new financial year is over without much buzz and noise in the business side. The country is going through a fiercely contested general elections. People are busy with appraisals of the existing Government and are with expectations of a better future and better governance. Appraisals are always eye openers where a true analysis of all that happened is introspected. Even in organizations like ours, April is the month of annual appraisal. All of…

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Apr 1

April 1, 2019


Message From MD – April 2019

Dear friends, Another 365 days! Today we are entering the new financial year. With lot of new hopes, new thoughts, new challenges and new opportunities. Rains, storms, floods, droughts and scorching heat. Year 2018-19 has taken us through a great deal of experiences, purifying us, strengthening us and getting us prepared for a challenging yet promising future. We have learnt that change is inevitable. Accepting the change is the only way to success. The endless changes and evolutions that we…

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Mar 1

March 1, 2019


Message From MD – March 2019

Dear friends, As all of you know, 2019 brings in lots of good news to the industry as well as to the organisation. The reduction in GST rates was the latest. Affordable and regular housing segments were in dire need of a reduction in GST. The substantial deductions will bring in big investments, and the organisation should be ready to welcome these new opportunities. February was again a rewarding month for our efforts and I wish to congratulate all the…

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