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Feb 1

February 1, 2021


Message From MD February – 2021

January started with the great news of vaccinations. The world is getting immunised and the virus going to take back seat soon. As the vaccine rollout commences, there is again more uncertainty in the air – will we return to the old normal or new normal? It depends. The vaccine will encourage individuals to resume the activities we missed – travelling, going to the gym or hanging out at the mall. It will allow businesses to resume activities that were…

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Jan 1

January 1, 2021


Message From MD January – 2021

Dear friends, 31.12.2020. Today is the day before New Year. And I’m writing my message to newsletter. How is your Work-Life Continuum going? Behavior is the reaction of a person on the changes around him but habit is some thing a person does repeatedly until it becomes a routine. It shows that a repeated behaviour becomes a habit ultimately. After ten months of COVID-led isolation and digital working, I think it would be a habit for many, even as they…

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Dec 1

December 1, 2020


Message From MD December – 2020

Dear friends, We are entering the last month of the year 2020. As the name suggests, this year brought an experience that is closest to real life. When we talk about 2020 as the worst year ever, we mean many entangled things: A pandemic. The death and economic destruction caused by the pandemic. The governmental mismanagement of the pandemic. The ways the pandemic has exposed the failures of our social system. The ways it has divorced us from routines we…

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Nov 2

November 2, 2020


Message From MD November – 2020

Dear friends, Maintaining motivation is becoming an increasing challenge for many of us slogging through life curtailed by the coronavirus pandemic. I’m among a growing number of people who admit to a lack of motivation for tasks they know. “Doing what’s meaningful — acting on what really matters to a person — is the antidote to burnout,” What is keeping me awake at night during this global pandemic? A major concern that emerged is how to keep our team motivated…

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