Growing Beyond Realty, Going Beyond Care

Asset Homes has always endeavoured to put the client before everything else. It was this that prompted Asset Homes to create a Customer Service Department to take care of all customer-related activities post purchase. However, to grow to the stature of an absolutely customer-centric brand, Asset Homes decided to go beyond providing mandatory services to making the customer happier. We realized that Asset Customer Service has to evolve from being just a provider of SERVICE to being a champion of DELIGHT. And this philosophy led us to re-christen our existing Asset Customer Service division to Asset Delight. Asset Delight celebrates the new philosophy of doing things beyond the ordinary, to bring a smile by going the extra mile.

The Essence of Asset Delight

Asset Delight Division takes care of all customer-related activities of Asset Homes right from providing an effusive welcome to customers on receipt of booking, helping them in documentation activities, extending a helping hand in getting loans processed, fixing convenient modes for payment of instalments, providing all critical information from the company's side, conducting joint site inspections, completing statutory ownership changes, holding key handing-over ceremonies and helping in the formation of associations to post hand-over services and maintenance.

Asset Delight, in its constant evolution to emerge beyond the ordinary, has come up with groundbreaking innovations over the years. The following are some of the existing benefits offered to our customers.

Wishing you all a delightful life ahead!

Sunil Kumar
Managing Director
Asset Homes

A mission with the true stakeholder in mind!

Asset Homes, with the vision of evolving into a completely customer-centric brand, is endeavouring to create a base of delighted customers. Hence we have decided to undergo a delightful transformation by rechristening our Customer Service division to Asset Delight.

Our focus is on getting into spaces outside the usual domain and extending a spectrum of delightful services to the thousands of our customers. In the new scheme of things, Asset Delight will present a plethora of new delights in addition to the existing ones, with the sole motive of extending the smile on the customer's face wider and brighter.

I request all our customers to utilize these exclusive facilities and make your life with us absolutely delightful.

Wishing you all a delightful time ahead,

Ms. Anju Venugopal
Head, Asset Delight

A mile more, to make you smile more!

As part of achieving our great mission of evolving into a completely customer-centric company, we are going to dedicate ourselves to redefining the customer experience delivered by Asset homes. The same will be achieved by going a step beyond normal service and getting into the real areas where our customers require additional support. We have identified new domains and are working towards extending our best-in-class service through the well trained and committed professionals of the Asset Delight Team. I earnestly request all our customers to make use of these windows of service for a delightful stay with us.


ANJU VENUGOPAL - CALL +91 9946556322


MEENA AJITH - CALL +91 9846100256

Email :


INDU RAJESH - CALL +91 9745000825

Email :


SONIA JOSEPH - CALL +91 8129977577

Email :


SANJANYA SAJESH - CALL +91 9946104989

Email :





Asset Delight Department pays a friendly visit to one of the Asset Homes Family Members' home every month at each location. This is to further reinforce the ties between Asset Homes and its customers, and to deliver them the feeling of being cared for and loved. Suggestions for improvement of services will be incorporated.


An easy-to-operate mobile application - with a unique Customer ID - will become the 'one-point-access' for booking all maintenance needs. The requirements will be processed by the Asset Delight division to ensure timely assistance to customers who are in need, making the process easy, time-saving and absolutely effective.

  • Technology Empowered
  • Completely Hassle Free
  • Time Saving
  • Easy Access


Now a customer can have access to all information regarding general news, other updates and announcements from us. You only have to download the Delight Info mobile application for the same. Enjoy the rare privilege of connecting and conversing with the Asset Homes Family round the clock.

  • Instant Updates
  • Remain Connected 24x7
  • Easy Access


Asset Homes presents all its customers a complimentary Transit Home Facility. The advantage can be availed across cities like Thiruvananthapuram, Kottayam, Kochi, Thrissur, Kannur and Guruvayoor. As an Asset Home customer, enjoy the rare privilege of a hassle-free stay at fully furnished, well maintained guest houses while visiting these cities, that too absolutely free!


Be it an official travel or a family holiday, Asset Delight is there to help you plan both. All you have to do is call the service provider and place your requirement. We are sure that their reliable, expert and timely assistance will provide you a delightful travelling experience.

  • Helpline Driven
  • Professional Planning
  • Quick and Easy Processing
  • Convenient Billing Modes
  • Location Neutral
  • Reliable and Professional Partners


Moving from one home to the other has been made quite an easy task by Delight Shifts services. Now all that you need to do to move comfortably into your new home is to call the service partners.

  • Helpline Driven
  • 24x7 Assistance
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Reliable and Professional Services


Want to refurbish you apartment? Make use of our Delight Decor services and get it done to your satisfaction. The secret of having a good-looking home is now just a ring away.

  • Helpline Driven
  • Reliable and Professional Interior Consultants
  • Competitive Pricing
  • 24x7 Assistance


The best insight provider of our brand is our customer. As an evolved brand, Asset Homes considers it a privilege to have one customer take part in the Management Meeting held every month. The selected customer is made to share the ownership platform of the company with its management and present his views about the brand, the projects and the services offered.


Delight Circle will be an aggregation of selected customers who will become an interface for the company to give and take opinions for improvement. It is a revolutionizing step in the history of Asset Homes as it lays the foundation for a co-created and co-constructed brand that takes a customer into account as its real stakeholder.


Asset Homes is a pioneer in the Indian Realty Sector to extend a Free Insurance Coverage of 25 years to all Asset Homes Apartments, against damage caused by natural calamities like fire, earthquake, etc., in association with the New India Assurance Company, a leading name in the world of insurance.


Under this head, Asset Delight provides all services like payment of statutory bills (KSEB, KWA, Property Tax, Land Tax, Association & Maintenance Charges), cleaning of apartments, renting of apartments and also resale of apartments. Your home shall be taken care of in your absence so you can leave all your worries behind and let the experts handle them.


Enjoy daily delights by placing your orders for provisions and other routine requirements with reliable agencies. They shall cater to all your requests to gift you the pleasures of a most comfortable and convenient life.

  • Helpline Driven
  • Reliable Partners
  • Door Delivery and Payment
  • Reliable and Quick Processing
  • Quality Products and Services


Asset Delight is planning to have Customer Meets and other events in the coming years. These events will be platforms for networking with the brand custodians as well as with other members of the family.


Avail the finest old-age care provided through our associate international organisation. Get the most authentic, economical and reliable services including home nursing and other forms of assistance for senior citizens and needy.

  • Helpline Driven
  • Reliable and Professional Care
  • 24x7 Assistance


Asset Delight is going to be with you even in times of emergency, be it for an urgent medical care service or ambulance service. All you have to do is use the helpline number exclusively dedicated to cater to your most urgent needs.

  • Helpline Driven
  • Reliable, with least Response Time
  • Finest Medical Care Associates


Drive your way ahead into a glowing social esteem. Call us up for a vehicle-wash service made available right at your own doorstep.

  • Helpline Driven
  • Reliable and Professional Services
  • Service at Your Apartment/Villa Premises
  • Reliable Partners


What can be more delightful than getting your airport pickup arranged by your own builder? Now, this extra advantage is all yours. You just need to call up the Asset Delight Department and get your airport pickup and drop arranged without any worries.

  • Helpline Driven
  • 24x7 Assistance
  • Reliable and Glitch Free

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